Intelligent Cleaning Equipment Cobi 18 - Cobotic Autonomous Scrubber Dryer

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Brought to you by the floor care leaders in the industry, Cobi 18, an autonomous scrubber, helps you make a visible difference in clean.

Compact Design

Cobi 18’s compact design makes it ideal for floor scrubbing in spaces such as retail stores, convenience stores, supermarkets, and a variety of other small spaces within large facilities. Teach Cobi 18 a route one time and deploy it each time thereafter with the touch of a button.

Safety & Security

Cobi integrates data from a combination of different sensors to create point cloud maps that represent the environment like a heat map. These sensors detect objects in the cobot’s path but do not register images or signage.

Mapping & Navigation

Cobi is easy to use. Map a route once and repeat that route with the touch of button thanks to Cobi's simple user interface. Cobi autonomously navigates through real-world environments and due to its advanced AI it can even navigate around mirrors and next to windows with bright sunlight.

Actionable Insights

From a remote location through the i-Synergy app, users can Clean Score track cleaning metrics like total square feet cleaned, length of time in use, as well as see heat maps of spaces cleaned—all to confirm the cleaning is complete each day. Use data and actionable insights to compare routes, increase efficiency and productivity, and impact ROI.


        • Sizes LxWxH cm 48 x 48 (body) x 70 / 48 x 50 (sqge) x 70
        • Weight with battery kg 55
        • Voltage Volt 24 V
        • Battery capacity Ah 25
        • Battery charging time hour 3
        • Running time hour eco 2/max 1,5
        • Recovery tank capacity litres 11
        • Solution tank capacity litres 10
        • Hopper capacity litres 0,4
        • Cleaning path cm 48
        • Productivity rate m2 /hour 800 (practical)
        • Traction motor Watt 2 x 35
        • Drive wheels size cm 12,7
        • Max. travel speed km/hour 1,8 (autonomous)
        • Side brush size cm 2 x ø10
        • Main brush size cm 7 x 33 (cylindrical)
        • Side brush motor Watt 2 x 12
        • Brush motor Watt/rpm 100/800
        • Vacuum motor Watt/InH2O 300/22
        • Climbability % 2 (autonomous)
        • Climbability % 10 (manual)
        • Flow rate ml/min. up to 130
        • Minimum aisle turn cm 65 (autonomous)

        Fact / Specification Sheet
        Hynox 90 PDF Fact Sheet

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