Dust Bags for Electrolux Z555 Tub Vacs - Pack of 5

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High quality replacement paper vacuum dustbags to fit Electrolux models:

  • Z555

Also suitable to fit a wide range of tub vacuum cleaners.

Pack of 5 paper bags.

    • Hole size 63mm
    • Bag width 780mm
    • Depth 310mm
    • Card height 100mm
    • Width 129mm
    • Paper bags
    • Pack of 5

    Fits Models

    • Kerrick 101
      Chromex: Aspirobot 900, 2000, 2005, Duragan Force
      Curtiss: Jazz 30L
      Delonghi: M29, M31, G514
      Draper: WDV1100
      Electrolux: Z555
      Erbauer: 30ltr(Screwfix) & 50ltr
      First Line: 4101.0, 4104.0,4192.1
      Gisowatt: Ass35, Brico; 220P/X, 230P/X, Industrial; 30X, 50X, Professional: 35p, 50x, Elle
      S4270, S4276, S4282, S4290, S4292, S4308, SX2045 H45 Bag, SX3066, Trolley
      Karcher: K2001, 3011, K3011, NT27/1, NT27/1ME, NT301 , NT65/2, NT72/2, NT360ECO, NT360 ECO, NT360, NT36/1
      Morphy Richards(JCB) 70341
      Neva:Barrel, Seau
      Nilfisk Alto:Attix Range
      Parkside (Lidl)
      PNTS 30/8 E, PNTS 30/7 E PNTS 30/6 S, PNTS 30/5 E PNTS 1250, PNTS1300, PNTS1300/A1, PNTS 1300/B2, PNTS1400, PNTS1400/B1 PNTS1400/C1 PNTS1400/D1 PNTS1500 PNTS1500/B2 PAS500B1
      Powercraft JN201-301-1
      Rowenta:RD400,406, RU30, RU31, RU33, RU36, RU38, RU40, RU40.5, RU40.6, RU41, RU41.5,RU42 RU42.5,RU43,RU44 RU45, RU46, RU031, RU051, RU108, RU361,RU367, RU381, RU385,RU387, RU390, RU406, RU425, RU451, RU461, RU520, RU521, RU804, Wizard, Enduro, Vorace
      Sealey:PC200SDAUTO.V2, PC300SDAUTO.V2
      Siemens:VM20000 to 20999
      Shop Vac:905.33,905.34 Classic 20, Classic 30, 906-61, Pro 30
      Stihl:SE122, SE127
      Synchro:30/A, 40
      TMB:60, 95
      Vac King (Machine Mart) CVAC20P, CVAC30SSR, CVAC20PR2?


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