Craftex Contramott - 5 Litres - Effective Against Insects and Eggs

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Contramott is effective against moths, their eggs, larva and pupae, carpet beetles and other carpet damaging insects.

Unlike other products, Contramott works to penetrate the larvae and eggs as well as the insect shells and outers. It starts working immediately, destroying the insects and releasing essential plant oils which provide a sustained repellent effect and protection from infestation by insects for up to 1 year. Insecticide contains fibre care agents that dry rapidly and is for use on carpets, rugs, upholstery and soft furnishings.  Ready to use. pH 7.

5 litres treats 250m².

Exceeding the suggested coverage quantity will result in damage caused to surfaces.

This product should not be used in extraction machines - use of this product in extraction machines will damage the tank and the pump.

How To Use

Ready to use. Shake bottle well. Spray over a section of the carpet and brush into the fibres. Repeat, treating one area at a time until the whole carpet is covered. Also spray the back of the carpet or rug if possible. It important that all carpets and rugs containing wool are treated immediately throughout the whole house. 1L will treat 50m². Important: Exceeding the suggested coverage quantity will cause damage to surfaces. Test an inconspicuous area for colour fastness and material stability first. Children and domestic animals must be kept out of the treated area until it is dry.


Ready to use. pH 7.

5 litres treats 250m².

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