Compatible Hoover Tumble Dryer Heating Element Unit

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Compatible Hoover/Candy tumble dryer element unit. 2400w. Fits extremely large range of Hoover and Candy models

Equivalent to genuine part number; 40004315

    • Heating Element
    • Equivalent to genuine part number; 40004315
    • 2400w
    Fits Models

     ABTV630001, ABTV640001,CDV262, CDV262UK, CIV100, CIV100 UK, CIV60, DYC169A80, DYC8132BX80, DYC88132BX80, DYC88132BXC80, DYC8813B80, DYC8813B-80, DYC8913B80, EVOC591CT80, GOC218/1-80, GOC218180, GOC21880, GOC218-80, GOC580C80, GOC580C-80, GOC58F80, GOC58F-80, GOC590C80, HDV6UK, HDV7FM, HDV7FMUK, HNC382T80, HNC382T-80, HNV160, HNV160-80, HNV170-80, HNV270-80, MDC1305AAW,TV20, TV20 001, TV30, TV30 001, TV30001, TV630, TV630 001, TV630001, TV640, TV640 001, TVE40, TVE40 001, TVX30 031, TVX31 061, TVX32 011, TVX32 014, VHC168A80, VHC168A-80, VHC180/1-80, VHC180180, VHC18080, VHC180-80, VHC38080, VHC380-80, VHC381, VHC381/1-80, VHC381180, VHC38180, VHC381-80, VHC391/1-80, VHC391180, VHC39180, VHC391-80, VHC391T, VHC391T/1-80, VHC391T180, VHC391T80, VHC391T-80, VHC392T, VHC392T80, VHC392T-80, VHC680C80, VHC680C-80, VHC680F80, VHC680F-80, VHC681B80, VHC681B-80, VHC691B80, VHC691B-80, VHC781XTB, VHC781XTB/1, VHC781XTB180


    CC217-80, CC217-88, CC267-80, CC267T-88, CDC179X-88, CDC263CH, CDC266UK, CDC266XCH, CDC268TEXCH, CDC679XT-88, CDC779XT-88, CDE105-80, CDE107-80, CDV160-SY, CDV262, CDV262-04ARG, CDV262ES, CDV265E, CDV265EX, CDV660-37, CDV660-47, CDV660-SY, CDV671XSY, CIC200UK, CIC200X, CIC200XES, CIC209XCH, CIC60

    CIC259TEXCH, CIC60, CIC200X, CIC200XES, CDV160-SY, CDV262ES, CDV265E, CDV265EX, CC217-80, CC217-88, CC267-80, CC267T-88, CDC179X-88, CDC263CH, CDC266UK, CDC266XCH, CIC60, CDE105-80, CDE107-80, CIC200, CIC200UK ,GOC218-80, GOC2181-80, GOC58F-80, GOC580C-80, GOC590C-80

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