Bosch BSG8, VS08, Ergomaxx, DynaPower Series HEPA Filter Cartridge

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High quality replacement HEPA filter cartridge to fit a range of Bosch BSG8, VS08, Ergomaxx and Dynapower series models of vacuum cleaner.

Direct replacement of the original genuine items.

Fits Models
  • BBZ151HF(00), BSG81335UC/01, BSG81623/09, VS08G1880/03  BSG82020/04,BSG81215UC/01, BSG81335UC/03, BSG81623/10, BSG82020/09, BSG81265UC/01, BSG81360UC/03, BSG81666/01, BSG82020/10, BSG81266/01, BSG81365UC/01, BSG81666/09, BSG82030/01, BSG81266/09, BSG81365UC/03, BSG81666/10, BSG82030AU/01, BSG81266/10, BSG81370UC/03, BSG81880/01, BSG82030AU/10, BSG81266AU/10, BSG81380UC/03, BSG81880GB/01, BSG82032/04, BSG81266CH/09, BSG81396UC/01, BSG81885/01, BSG82032/05, BSG81266CH/10, BSG81396UC/03, BSG8188GB/01, BSG82040/01, BSG81296UC/03, BSG81623/01, BSG82000GB/01, BSG82040/04, BSG82050/01, BSG82077CH/01, BSG82422/01, BSG82490/02, BSG82050/04, BSG82077CH/10, BSG82422/10, BSG82490/10, BSG82060/01, BSG82090/01, BSG82425/02, BSG8PRO1/02, BSG82060CH/01, BSG82090/02, BSG82425/10, BSG8PRO1/09, BSG82060CH/02, BSG82230/02, BSG82480/08, BSG8PRO1/10, BSG82060GB01, BSG82230/09, BSG82480/10, BSG8PRO11/02, BSG82070/01, BSG82230/10, BSG82480AU/10, BSG8PRO11/09, BSG82077/01, BSG82230CH/01, BSG82485/01, BSG8PRO11/10, BSG82077AU/01, BSG82230CH/10, BSG82485/08, BSG8PRO1AU/10, BSG82077AU/10, BSG82277/01, BSG82485/10, BSG8PRO1GB/02, BSG8PRO1GB/09, BSG8PRO1GB/10, BSG8PRO2/09
      • Direct replacement for the original genuine items
      • HEPA Filtration

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