Bosch 288J3 Tumble Dryer Drive Belt - 288 J3 288mm - 3PJ288

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High quality replacement poly drive belt to fit a range of tumble dryers by Bosch and others.

Size: 288 J3


Fits Models
  • Bosch
    WTA3100/01, WTA3100/02, WTA3100/05, WTA3100/06, WTA3100/07, WTA3100/09, WTA3100CH/01, WTA3100FF/01, WTA3100FF/02, WTA3100FF/05, WTA3100FF/07, WTA3100FG/01, WTA3100FG/02, WTA3100FG/05, WTA3100FG/06, WTA3100FG/07, WTA3100FG/09, WTA3100GB/01, WTA3100GB/02, WTA3100GB/05, WTA3100GB/06, WTA3100GB/07, WTA3100GB/09, WTA3100IE/01, WTA3100IE/02, WTA3100IE/05, WTA3100IE/06, WTA3100IE/07, WTA3100IE/09, WTA3100IL/01, WTA3100IL/02, WTA3100IL/05, WTA3100IL/06, WTA3100IL/07, WTA3100IL/09, WTA3100SN/01, WTA310LGB/07, WTA310LGB/09, WTA3200GB/06, WTA3200GB/09, WTA3204GB/09, WTA3400GB/01, WTA3500/01, WTA3500/02, WTA3500/04, WTA3500/06, WTA3500/08, WTA3500CH/01, WTA3500CH/02, WTA3500CH/04, WTA3500CH/06, WTA3500CH/08, WTA3500FG/01, WTA3500FG/02, WTA3500FG/04, WTA3500FG/06, WTA3500FG/08, WTA3500GB/01, WTA3500GB/02, WTA3500GB/04, WTA3500GB/06, WTA3500GB/08, WTA3500UC/04, WTA3500UC/08, WTA3500UC/10, WTA3500UC/13, WTA3600GB/01, WTA3606GB/01, WTE5820GB/01, WTE5820GB/02, WTE5820GB/04, WTE5820GB/08, WTE6920GB/01, WTE6920GB/04, WTL5100GB/05, WTL5100GB/07, WTL5100GB/09, WTL5100GB/11, WTL5200GB/02, WTL5201GB/04, WTL5201GB/09, WTL527SGB/04, WTL527SGB/09, WTL5400GB/01, WTL5400GB/02, WTL5400GB/04, WTL5400GB/08, WTL5500GB/01, WTL5600GB/01, WTL5600GB/02, WTL6100GB/01, WTL6101EU/01, WTL6101EU/05, WTL6101EU/07, WTL6101FF/01, WTL6101FF/05, WTL6101FF/07, WTL6102GB/01, WTL6102GB/02, WTL6103GB/01, WTL6103GB/05, WTL6106GB/05, WTL6106GB/07, WTL6300GB/01, WTL6304GB/01, WTL6304GB/02, WTL6305GB/01, WTL6305GB/05, WTL6307GB/05, WTL6307GB/07, WTL6500AU/01, WTL6500AU/02, WTL6500AU/05, WTL6500AU/07, WTL6500GB/01, WTL6506GB/01, WTL6506GB/02, WTL6507GB/01, WTL6507GB/05, WTL6508GB/05, WTL6508GB/07
  • Genuine part number: 00154142 
  • 288mm
  • J3
  • 3PJ288

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