AEG Electrolux Washing Machine Door Gasket Seal - Genuine

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Genuine AEG, Electrolux washing machine door seal gasket. 


Genuine part number - 3790201606

Fits models

L72850A, L74859A, L76859A, LAV70740, L72850CS, L76650A3, LAV70230-W, LAV70740-W,

 L74650A3, L76850, LAV70240, LAV71739-W, L74650LE, L76850A, LAV70435-W, LAV71749-W,

 L74651, L76850A3, LAV70530-W, LAV72630-W, L74657A3, L76855A, LAV70539-W,

 LAV72630-W A, L74850A, L76855A3, LAV70630-W, LAV72636, L74850A3, L76856A,

 LAV70640, LAV72638-W, L74858A, L76856A3, LAV70730-W, LAV72640, L74859, L76859,

 LAV70733-W, LAV72640-W, LAV72730-W, LAV73639-W, LAV74639 WB-W, LAV74748, 

LAV72730-W D, LAV73738-W, LAV74640, LAV74750, LAV72738-W, LAV73739-W,

 LAV74640-W, LAV75530-W, LAV72740, LAV73743, LAV74650, LAV75639 WB-W, 

LAV72740-W, LAV73748-W, LAV74730, LAV75639-W, LAV72748, LAV73749-W, LAV74730-W,

 LAV75735-W, LAV72750, LAV73758, LAV74734-W, LAV75737-W, LAV73530-W,

 LAV74630-W, LAV74738-W, LAV75747, LAV73630-W, LAV74630-W GB-, LAV74740-W,

LAV76630-W, LAV73633-W, LAV74639, LAV74744, LAV76639 WB-W, LAV76639-W,

 LAVB3450, LAVPRINCESS-W, LN78679A, LAV76640, LAVBELLA, LN73471S, LN79470A, 

LAV76730-W, LAVBELLA-W, LN78479, LN79470A3, LAV76740-W, LAVDERBYLINE,

 LN78479A, LN79670A, LAV84749, LAVDIPLOMAT E, LN78675, LN79670A3, LAVB3050, 



EWF 1180-W, EWF 1380-W, EWF 1386-W

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