Craftex Scrubex 3:28 Small Walk Behind Battery Scrubber Dryer - 4 Litre - 11 Inch

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The Scrubex 3:28 is a revolutionary scrubbing machine suitable for cleaning very easily small and cluttered environments. It is powered with a lithium ion battery that allows to perform many, short and targeted cleaning operations during the same day.

The Scrubex 3:28 is small and lightweight ensuring convenient transportation at all times. The floor is dry and safe with only one pass, preventing the risk of dangerous slips.

Lithium ion technology

Lithium ion batteries ensure constant performance throughout the entire operation and quickly recharge meaning the Scrubex 3:28 can be charged and ready for use during the same day.

Parabolic squeegee

The innovative rotary head is equipped with a parabolic squeegee which continuously follows the direction of the machine, for perfect washing and drying results in any direction and even in the most inaccessible corners. The brush is offset laterally relative to the machine housing, for perfect cleaning along walls and making sure that the entire floor surface in a room is hygienically washed.

Comfortable to use

The control wheel height and tilt are adjustable to suit the stature of the operator and reduce back fatigue. The steering wheel is covered in soft-touch, anti-slip material for a sure, comfortable grip.

Silent and ecologic

The Eco Mode device is ideal for maintenance cleaning, as it ensures perfect hygiene with no wastage! A single button for optimising detergent solution usage and energy consumption, increasing working autonomy and reducing noise levels, for cleaning at any time of day without disturbing the people around.

Designed to adapt to the operator for comfort and safety

The controls on the wheel are simple and intuitive, and are easy to use for an inexperienced operator, ensuring total control over the machine and the cleaning process. Cleaning settings are already pre-configured when using the automatic scrubbing function. Simply press the AUTO button to start.

Ideal for restaurant environments

The Scrubex 3:28 is perfect for restaurant businesses, cleaning effectively and effortlessly under tables and chairs because it washes and dries also when moving backwards.

Comfortable to take anywhere

Once folded, the machine can be carried easily with the handle on the control bar. Alternatively, a pair of large wheels let you pull the machine along like a trolley.

Sturdy and light

With materials such as aluminium for the base and chassis, the Scrubex 3:28 is both sturdy and light, putting less strain on the operator during use and transport, even when carrying up and down stairs in buildings with no lifts.


Thanks to its small dimensions it can be stored anywhere even in the smallest closet.

    Supplied with:

    • Standard scrubbing brush
    • On-board charger
                    • Solution Tank Capacity: 3L

                    • Recovery Tank Capacity: 4L

                    • Forward Speed: 3.2kph

                    • Vacuum Motor: 36V / 150W

                    • Brush: 150rpm, 10kg pressure

                    • Brush Width: 280mm

                    • Squeegee Width: 325mm

                    • Machine Weight: 20kg

                    • Machine Size: 555 x 1050 x 375mm

                    • Batteries: Li-Ion 36V / 5.2Ah

                    • Charge Time: 1 hour: 80%, 3 hour: 100%

                    • Performance: 900m2/hr

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