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Scrubber Dryer Spares


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Prevent future inconvenience by stocking up on extra filters, floor pads, vital scrubber dryer batteries, cables, and chargers.

In addition, check out our fast and affordable scrubber dryer repairs - usually completed and ready to pick up again in an impressive 48 hours.

Our extensive range of scrubber dryer spares covers a wide selection of makes and models, including top brands like Viper, Motor Scrubber and Karcher. 

Choose appropriate squeegees to fit around your machine and customise your cleaning with our soft, standard and hard grit brushes. If you prefer a floor pad for your cleaner, look to our scrubber dryer drive boards to assist you.

Keep your appliance intact with vital components such as pumps, hoses, tanks, valves and switches. Plus, we stock suction motors that comply with either mains or battery-powered machine as for your convenience.

Alternatively, book our scrubber dryer repairs service if you’d like to hand over the fixing responsibilities to our experienced engineers. 

Whether a simple or complex repair, you can rely on our experience, tools and spares to sort it.

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