We attended Rali Ceredigion with Hyundai Power Products

Spare and Square was at the Rali Ceredigion 2022 event in Aberystwyth this weekend after being invited to the event by Hyundai Power Products to cheer on James Williams who was driving the Rally2 Hyundai i20.

Rally2 Hyundai i20

It was a fantastic event, made even better thanks to the great hospitality of the Hyundai power products team, and a great result for James (see below).

On Saturday the 3rd of September, we took a look around the car, met with James and the Hyundai power products team (and of course had to have a look and get hands on with some of the range of products we have not yet had in store that were in the service bay) before heading off to a beautiful spectators point to watch the first stages of the Rally. 2 street stages set in the town centre with a great atmosphere by the sea front. 

Sea front rally stage

After the street stages, James took on the night stages and was 2nd overall, with only seconds between him, and the lead car by the end of the night.

Sunday was a loop of 4 stages in the morning, followed by a repeat of the same in the afternoon, covering a total of 71.88 competitive miles! The stages were set in a beautiful setting surrounded by the Cambrian mountains, and after a very wet night, we all expected a wet day. To our surprise the weather was glorious and this made the action packed day even more enjoyable cheering on James and seeing all of the other fantastic drivers tackle the challenging stages.

After the final stages of Sunday, the results were:

1 - Hayden Paddon: 1:19:56.0
2 - Osian Pryce: 1:20:34.7
3 - James Williams: 1:22:00.0
A fantastic result for James, and everyone else involved in the Rally, and a truly enjoyable weekend had by Spare and Square with the team from Hyundai Power Products.
James Williams Rallying Podium Finish
If you don't already, please head over to the James WIlliams Rallying Facebook page and give the page a follow to see more incredible videos and photos of the weekend, as well as previous rallies and keep up to date with future events.