We are now proud distributors of Chemspec

Another fantastic addition to our range of products, Chemspec cleaning chemicals.

Spare and Square are now a proud distributor of Chemspec's range of professional cleaning chemicals. Chemspec are renowned for providing the very best professional carpet cleaning chemicals in the industry, and the full range is now available.

The Chemspec brand is hugely popular in the USA and the number 1 choice for any professional carpet cleaner, and the popularity in the UK is growing fast thanks to the amazing range of products providing unrivaled results that other manufacturers simply can not match.

If you clean carpets professionally, you need the Chemspec range. Imagine being able to offer customers stain removal for almost any type of staining, offering protection to carpets once cleaned and being able to remove any type of soiling and revive carpets to look like new with ease. Because of the high dilution rates (much higher than other manufacturers), the solutions go a long way and ultimately save you money, making most jobs more profitable and leaving far superior results for your customer.

If you currently use chemicals from other manufacturers, we can supply an alternative that usually works out cheaper due to the amazing dilution rates, and most certainly works better resulting in superior results.

Give your carpet cleaning company the edge over others by using the best range of chemical on the market.

Please feel free to get in touch for more information, and to find out what alternatives we have to ranges you currently stock or use.

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